40' Storage Container

40' Shipping Containers for Rent. Rent a 40' Conex Box today!

40' Storage Containers for Rent

Conex Box for Rent in Orlando, Tampa & Central Florida
American Trailer Rentals possesses a fleet of 40′ storage containers available for rent, catering to the areas of Tampa and Orlando. These sizable shipping containers, or conex boxes, are celebrated for offering considerable, secure onsite storage solutions. With dimensions measuring 40’ L x 8’ W x 8.5’ H, these containers can accommodate a substantial volume of goods or sizable equipment with ease.

Although these containers offer the benefit of immense storage space, it’s important to note they do need sufficient room for delivery due to their large footprint. Each 40’ container necessitates roughly 100’ of clearance space for the optimal maneuvering of our delivery truck and trailer.

Built from corrugated steel, these containers provide rugged durability, robust security, and remain well-guarded against the elements. The hardy steel exterior serves as a formidable weatherproof shell, effectively safeguarding your belongings from adverse weather conditions, retaining them safe and dry.  Enhancing their security feature, we provide steel lockboxes to further deter unauthorized access.

Weighing approximately 9,000 lbs, these sizeable storage containers may be equipped with forklift pockets, but at American Trailer Rentals, we can use our trailers to move them for you! Complete with 1-1/8” thick floors composed of high-quality marine grade plywood, they can comfortably withstand heavy loads and harsh usage, only adding to the convenience and durability they offer.

Just like our other storage options, these containers are ground-level, implying seamless access and zero setup requirements.  Immediately after unloading from our trailer, these containers are ready for use, offering an efficient and straightforward approach to solving your storage needs.

Whether you’re managing a construction project, expanding your business, planning for an event, or undergoing a major move, our 40′ storage containers provide ample space ideal for storing construction equipment, inventory, furniture, event materials, and practically everything in between.

Conclusively, if you’re seeking abundant, secure, and easily accessible storage solutions in Tampa and Orlando, the 40′ storage containers from American Trailer Rentals emerge as a perfect answer for all your storage needs.
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