45' Storage Container

45' Steel Shipping Containers for Rent. We have the largest Conex Box available!

45' Storage Containers for Rent

Conex Box for Rent in Central Florida

American Trailer Rentals has 45′ storage containers for rent. The  longest and largest container size available, our steel storage container, which may also be referred to as a shipping container or conex box, is 45’ L x 8’ W x 9.5’ H. This 45′ storage container can hold a massive amount of goods or large equipment inside.

With such a large footprint, these storage containers need a generous amount of space for delivery. Our 45’ shipping container requires 105’ of space for the truck and trailer. Its corrugated steel construction makes it tough, durable, and incredibly secure. The steel exterior also provides a strong weatherproof shell, keeping your goods safe and dry inside. Our steel lock boxes add another high security feature, safely preventing access from cutting a lock.

The 45′ storage container weighs in over 10,000 lbs, but our trailers can handle moving it for you. The floors are solid 1-1/8” thick marine grade plywood that can withstand rugged use and heavy loads. Our steel storage containers are ground level, meaning access is easy and there is no set up required. After it’s unloaded from our trailer, it’s ready to be used! Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

45 foot storage container specs
Weight Lbs:
Approx. 11,000 lbs