20' Storage Container

20' Steel Shipping Containers for rent. Rent a 20' Conex Box today!

20' Storage Containers for Rent

Conex Box for Rent in Tampa & Orlando
American Trailer Rentals provides 20′ storage containers for rent in strategic locations including Tampa and Orlando. These shipping containers, or conex boxes, are in-demand options for secure and convenient storage even in constrained areas. The specified dimensions of our 20′ containers are 20′ L x 8′ W x 8.5′ H, striking a balance between spacious interiors and compact externals.

Upon delivery via roll back trucks, our expert team is capable of negotiating dense areas or sliding it precisely into parking areas. This capability helps overcome logistical constraints and allows placement in locations previously considered inaccessible. This makes our containers the go-to choice for businesses or individuals dealing with spatial challenges yet requiring substantial secure storage space.

Manufactured from corrugated steel, our 20’ storage containers offer robust, durable and extremely secure storage solutions. The tough steel exterior doubles as a formidable weatherproof shell, ensuring your items remain protected from environmental elements and are kept dry and safe. Further enhancing security, our steel lock boxes present an additional, formidable deterrent against unauthorized access.

Weighing approximately 5,300 lbs, these storage containers come with conveniences like forklift pockets, allowing easy onsite mobility as required. Our storage solutions also distinguish themselves with 1-1/8” thick marine grade plywood floors, ensuring a solid base for your storage needs.

Being at ground level, these containers guarantee quick and easy access without any setup requirements. Simply put, once we’ve unloaded it from our trailer, your storage solution is immediately ready for use! With its ease, simplicity and accessibility, it remains an ideal storage choice for businesses and individuals across sectors.

Overall, American Trailer Rentals offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use, secure, and adaptable storage solution that meets a wide array of needs. Whether you’re a business looking for additional storage, a construction site requiring onsite secure containment, or a homeowner in need of extra square footage during remodeling, a 20′ storage container from American Trailer Rentals is the perfect fit.
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