Container Accessories

Upgrade your container's security and appearance

American Trailer Rentals offers the accessories below to increase your storage container, conex box, or storage trailer’s security and ease of use.

Cargo Door Lock

Heavy duty industrial steel lock that wraps around storage container lock rods for maximum security

Master Lock on Container

Master Lock

High security padlock that fits snugly inside our storage container lock boxes

Container Lock Box

Lock Box

Steel housing that securely holds a padlock and prevents access from your lock getting cut

King Pin Lock

King Pin Lock

Solid cast steel lock that covers and locks the king pin, preventing unauthorized hook ups to your storage trailer

Custom vinyl sign

Custom Vinyl Sign

Identify your container with your name on it and without damaging the container like other signs that may be screwed on

Container Customer Paint Job

Paint Job

You pick the color, we put it on

bridge connector

Bridge Connectors

Steel connectors that securely lock your storage containers together when they’re side by side



Ramps specifically made for shipping containers, making it easy to load using a pallet jack or forklift

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