40' Office Container

Office containers for rent. delivered throughout Central Florida.

40' Office Containers

Portable, Secure Offices for your jobsite.

American Trailer Rentals has 40′ office containers for rent. The 40’ full office container is a large open office space that can hold multiple people and is commonly used as a breakroom. The central AC and heat pumps through this spacious office – something a small insufficient window unit just can’t do! Since the office is ground level, there is no  additional set up like stairs required. Just hook up to 220V power and you’re good to! The interior is equipped with lights, receptacles, built-in desk, drafting table, insulated drywall walls, industrial flooring, four windows with secure burglar bars, and a secure commercial steel door with deadbolt. The exterior dimensions are 40’ L x 8’ W x 9.5’ H.


Office Container Floor Plan