20' Office Container

Office containers for rent. delivered throughout Central Florida.

20' Office Containers Delivered To Orlando, Tampa and Central Florida

Portable, Secure Offices for your jobsite.

American Trailer Rentals offers versatile 20′ office containers for rent, tailored for those in Tampa and Orlando in need of a solid, secure jobsite office solution. Standing at 20’ L x 8’ W x 8.5’ H, these containers provide ample space to accommodate several people, making them ideal for a variety of professional settings.

One of the standout features of these office containers is the central air conditioning and heating system, designed to efficiently handle the intense Florida heat better than standard smaller, noisy window units. This modern climate control system ensures a comfortable indoor environment year-round, enhancing productivity and comfort on the jobsite.

The offices are ground-level, eliminating the need for additional setup such as stairs, which makes access easier and safer while speeding up the mobility around the construction or project site. Setup is straightforward — simply connect the container to a 220V power source, and your office is ready for operation.

The interior of the container is robustly designed with industrial-grade enhancements. It includes built-out office amenities such as overhead lights, electrical receptacles, a built-in desk, and a drafting table which are essential for a wide range of businesses and projects. The walls are made from insulated drywall paired with industrial flooring, providing a durable and practical workspace. Safety and security are heightened with two windows equipped with secure burglar bars and a commercial-grade steel door that includes a deadbolt.

Whether you’re in the construction industry, managing an event, or simply need temporary office space at a remote location, these 20′ full office containers present a secure, convenient, and fully functional office setting. They ensure your operations remain uninterrupted, secure, and efficient, no matter the external conditions.

American Trailer Rentals’ 20′ office containers are more than just a workspace; they are a strategic investment in productivity and security. Perfectly suited for the demanding environments of Tampa and Orlando, these containers offer businesses a dependable, ready-to-go office solution that meets the needs of dynamic job sites and projects.


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