Container Delivery & Set-Up

What you need to know about preparing your site for container delivery

Here we cover what you need to know about preparing your site and what conditions are necessary for container delivery.

How Much Space is Needed to deliver a shipping contianer?

Container Delivery Diagram for Space Needed

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Container Site Prep Checklist

Enough Space

Make sure you have enough space for the truck to make wide turns. 100’ is needed for a 40’ container, and 60’ is needed for a 20’ container. A minimum clearance of 14’6” feet overhead is needed, with 18 feet of overhead clearance at the place of unloading.

Hard Ground

Make sure the ground is hard and stable so that the truck won’t sink. Sand or mud will cause the truck to get stuck. The truck, trailer, and container combined weigh upwards of 40,000 pounds! You can imagine how easily that would sink in soft ground.

Level Surface

Make sure the ground is level. A level surface is crucial for container doors to open and close properly.

Block Platform

If your container will be in the same place long-term, we advise that it’s placed on top of 6” x 6” pressure treated wood blocks. This will keep the container off the ground so that less moisture is potentially absorbed into the container. Our drivers will place the wood you provide.

We can Deliver Throughout Central FL

Yes, even in the Middle of Nowhere!

If you rent a container or trailer from American Trailer Rentals, we can deliver it throughout Central Florida. If you purchase a container or trailer, we can deliver it anywhere in Florida! For more info please view our service area pages. Or give us a call!

American Trailer Rentals Delivery map

Frequently asked delivery questions

How quickly can you deliver my container or trailer?

Whenever you need it!

Can you deliver outside of Florida?

Probably! If you are purchasing a container, we can deliver it anywhere you need in the South East US. However, the further from FL it is, the less economical it becomes.

Can I pick up the container myself?

Sure! We can load the container onto your trailer for you at our yard in Lakeland. If you do not use a tilt-bed trailer, please keep in mind, you may need a heavy-duty forklift to get it unloaded at the container’s destination.

Can you move my container?

If you’ve purchased or rented your container from ATR, then we will be happy to move it for you!

Can you move my storage trailer?

We sure can! Please note that our storage trailers are not over-the-road trailers, so the storage trailers can only be moved off-site if they’re empty.

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