Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions are answered below. You can always give us a ring or drop us a line! We’re happy to help with any container or trailer questions you have.

How quickly can you deliver my container?

Whenever you need it!

What's a grade A, B, or C container?

This terminology can be used to explain the amount of wear and tear on a container. However, these are not official guidelines and are completely subjective to whomever assigns the grade – it’s merely an opinion. Therefore, these “grades” can be completely different from company to company and person to person. It’s always best to see pictures of the exact container you’re getting so you can decide for yourself what condition it’s in. At ATR, we can provide photos of the exact container or you can come look in person for yourself!

Can I look at the container/trailer before I rent or buy it?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to make an appointment to  visit our yard in Lakeland. We can also send you photos of the exact containers we have available (not just sample photos). Don’t forget to check out our Gallery and Product Pages for container and trailer images.

Can you move my container?

If you’ve purchased or rented your container from ATR, then we will be happy to move it for you!

Can you move my trailer?

We sure can! Please note that our storage trailers are not over-the-road trailers, so the storage trailers can only be moved off-site if they’re empty.

Can I pick up the container myself?

Sure! We can load the container onto your trailer for you at our yard in Lakeland. If you do not use a tilt-bed trailer, please keep in mind, you may need a heavy-duty forklift to get it unloaded at the container’s destination.

Do you customize containers or build container homes?

No, but we can provide your shipping container for your next build. Good luck!

I need to export my container. Can you help with that?

We can provide you with a container and have it certified for overseas shipping. This is required in order to ship it overseas and you will want to purchase the certification from the same location that you purchase the container from. This will ensure that you’re getting the type of container that you need. After we help you with that, we can arrange transport via trailer. You will need to contact the shipping company that transports containers via cargo ship to arrange for your overseas shipping.

Can you deliver outside of FL?

Probably! If you are purchasing a container, we can deliver it anywhere you need in the South East US. However, the further from FL it is, the less economical it becomes. If you are renting a container or trailer, we can deliver it anywhere in Central FL.

What do I do if I'm having trouble opening and closing the container doors?

This is caused by the box not sitting on level ground which causes the doors not to align correctly. To solve this problem, you can try to level the box by putting pressure treated wood beneath some of the corners. Our drivers always check the container doors upon delivery to make sure they are working properly! If the ground is not level at your location, our drivers will level the container out for you so that everything is working properly.

Do you offer financing or rent-to-own?

We do not. Consider renting a container rather than purchasing if your budget is tight.

What's a one-trip container, aka one tripper?

A one trip container is a container that’s made the trip from China to the US one time only. These containers are also called New since containers are not manufactured in America.

What's the difference between a storage container and a storage trailer?

A storage container is a corrugated metal box (aka a shipping container) that sits flat on the ground. ATR offers 10’, 20’, 40’, and 45’ lengths of containers. A storage trailer is a semi trailer on wheels that is used for storage. ATR offers 53’ trailers.

What's the difference between a shipping container, conex box, and storage contaier?

Shipping containers have many names including storage container, sea can, and conex box. However, they all mean the same thing!

What's the difference between an office container and an office trailer?

An office container can also be referred to as an office trailer. However, there are technical differences.
An office container sits on the ground, does not require any set up, and typically does not require a permit.
An office trailer sits above the ground, requires set up, and requires a permit.

Can you paint my container?

We sure can! We recommend using DTM (direct to metal) paint. You pick the color and we’ll get it painted!


Can I pick a particular color of container?

Sure! Let us know which color you’d prefer and we’ll see if we have it available! Or you could choose to have the container painted a certain color.

Can you ship a container out of state?

We sure can! Let us know where it needs to go and we can provide you an estimate.