Best Florida Office Containers

Delivered to Your Jobsite in Central FL

Explore our versatile office container options! The 20′ Office offers compact functionality, perfect for small-scale operations. Need extra space? Opt for the 20′ Office + Storage, combining office convenience with storage capacity. For larger teams, the 40′ Office provides ample room to accommodate your workspace requirements. Need even more space? Consider the 40′ Double Office, offering expanded square footage for enhanced productivity. Want the best of both worlds? Choose the 40′ Office + Storage, providing office amenities alongside convenient storage solutions. Discover the perfect fit for your business needs with our range of office container configurations!

20' Office COntainer

Fully built out office container with central AC & heat, power, lights, desk, etc for a comfortable and secure office.

20' Office Container

20' Office + Storage

Split between 14’ of office and 5’ of storage space which can be accessed from the exterior container doors.

20' Office Container with storage

40' Office Container

An open floor plan office container with central AC & heat, power, lights, desk, etc for a large open office that can fit multiple people comfortably.

40' Office Container

40' Office + Storage

Split between 14’ of office and 25’ of storage area which can be accessed from both the exterior container doors and the interior office door.

40' office container

40' Double Office

Divided into two offices spaces that each have their own exterior entrance and can also be accessed through the interior partition door.

40' Office Container

At American Trailer Rentals, we pride ourselves on delivering convenience straight to your doorstep. Whether your business is based in Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando, or throughout Central FL, our reliable delivery service ensures your selected office container reaches you promptly and securely.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you can focus on your operations while we handle the logistics. From bustling urban centers to remote locations, we make it our mission to bring your office container directly to your desired site.

Experience peace of mind knowing that our dedicated team coordinates seamless delivery, ensuring your office container arrives safely and on schedule. Whether you’re setting up a temporary workspace or expanding your facilities, count on American Trailer Rentals to streamline the process and support your business endeavors. Get in touch today to explore our office container options and schedule hassle-free delivery to your preferred location in Central FL!