Used Containers and Trailers for Sale in Florida

Used Storage Containers for sale

Looking for used storage containers in Orlando, Tampa, or Lakeland? Look no further! At American Trailer Rentals, we offer a wide selection of high-quality, affordable used storage containers to meet your storage needs.

Used containers are similar to used cars – the less mileage and wear, the more valuable the unit. Containers don’t have an odometer, so we classify them by how much they’ve been used.

We can provide you with photos of the exact storage containers for sale, or you can make an appointment to see our containers in person.

Used Office Containers for sale

Due to the global container shortage, office containers are currently unavailable for sale.

Our used office containers for sale come in different floor plan options. The office containers are all well maintained in our rental fleet with clean interiors, working AC units, lights, and power, and freshly painted walls.

If  you’d like to see our containers in person, please make an appointment.

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Used Storage trailers for sale

Our used storage trailers vary based on what is available in the yard at a specific time. Below are some sample pictures to give you an idea of what our trailers look like. Please call or email our office to see what specific units are available now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a grade A, B, or C container?

This terminology can be used to explain the amount of wear and tear on a container. However, these are not official guidelines and are completely subjective to whomever assigns the grade – it’s merely an opinion. Therefore, these “grades” can be completely different from company to company and person to person. It’s always best to see pictures of the exact container you’re getting so you can decide for yourself what condition it’s in. At ATR, we can provide photos of the exact container or you can come look in person for yourself!

What's a one-trip container, aka one tripper?

A one trip container is a container that’s made the trip from China to the US one time only. These containers are also called New since containers are not manufactured in America.

What's the difference between a shipping container, conex box, and storage container?

Shipping containers have many names including storage container, sea can, and conex box. However, they all mean the same thing!

Can I pick a particular color of container?

Sure! Let us know which color you’d prefer and we’ll see if we have it available! Or you could choose to have the container painted a certain color.

Do you offer financing or rent-to-own?

We do not. Consider renting a container rather than purchasing if your budget is tight.

Can I look at the container before I buy it?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to make an appointment to visit our yard in Lakeland. We can also send you photos of the exact containers we have available (not just sample photos).

Can you ship my container anywhere in the US?

We can ship your container anywhere within FL! Keep in mind the closer the distance is to Lakeland FL, the less the cost will be. If you need help shipping it outside of FL or overseas, we can point you in the right direction to make that happen!