Maximizing Space in your Shipping Container

If you have a current lack of space right now, you may consider purchasing or renting a shipping container for storage. Whether you are an individual, a retailer, or a business owner, having plenty of space for your goods can reduce the stress of clutter and improve inventory capacity. Here are some ways to make that happen.

Size of Shipping Containers

The first thing you’ll want to consider is how many goods are going to be stored. This will assist in determining what size container will best suit your storage needs. ATR offers shipping containers ranging from 10’ to 45’ as well as standard 8’6” heights and 9’6” high cubes.

Accessibility of Shipping Containers

How you have your items packed will affect the space you will need. If you have items that are neatly packed in boxes, you will clearly fit more into a container than loose items. Additionally, knowing which items need to be accessible will affect your placement. Having a double door shipping container provides a door on each end which will help access your goods more easily.

One way to maximize the space in your storage container is to have shelving installed. There are a wide variety of shelving options to choose from and the assembly is typically quick and simple. The shelving can also be easily removed if you no longer need it. Pipe racks are another option in place of shelving. Any of these space-saver ideas will help to free up floor space.

Modifications to Shipping Containers

Purchasing a shipping container may be the perfect option if you would like to modify your own shipping container. Common modifications include adding man doors, roll-up doors, or built-in shelving. ATR offers various sizes of shipping containers for sale, all of which are wind and watertight to securely store your items. ATR does not provide any type of modifications but would be happy to advise our customers with any questions they might have.