5 Shipping Container Obstacles and Their Solutions

In the vast world of global trade, shipping containers are king! These sturdy transportation vessels are not without their challenges over the ocean but can often run into issues on land. Here are some common obstacles you may run into with your storage container and their solutions!

Unlevel Containers

Unlevel containers, caused by uneven loading or foundation issues, can lead to long term issues after delivery. It can affect the way the doors open and close which can affect the security of the container.

Solution: Make sure you’re having a professional deliver your container who is aware of these challenges and skilled to solve them. Ideally, you’re container should be placed on hard, level ground, but you can use wood blocks to help even an unlevel surface. 

Weight Issues

Loading the container with too much weight can cause a multitude of problems. It can cause your container to unlevel itself and affect the integrity of the structure. It can also damage the wooden floor of the containers which invites moisture and critters!

Solution: Understanding the weight limits of your storage container can prevent future foundation issues and protect your container’s floor. Weight limits are usually posted on the doors of your container. Keep in mind that the weight should be evenly distributed.

Battling Corrosion

Corrosion poses a significant threat to shipping containers exposed to saltwater in transport and humid conditions like Florida. Heavy corrosion takes a significant period of time to affect a container, but when it does, no one wants a hole in their once weather-tight container! 

Solution: Try to have your container positioned in a place where it isn’t always wet. It’s ok if the container gets wet, as long as it dries afterwards! So areas where water pools up on the ground would not be good. Under thick tree canopies is also another bad option as the moisture will remain on the roof of the container for long periods of time.

Ventilation Woes

Ventilation issues within shipping containers can lead to the deterioration of items stored inside, especially those sensitive to temperature and humidity. Insufficient airflow can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, jeopardizing the quality of transported products.

Solution: Modern container designs now incorporate many more vents to help regulate the temperature inside. You can also use humidity control products to absorb some of the moisture in the air. Ultimately though, we advise against using a container to store high quality items, electronics, quality wood furniture, or things that can get damaged from the humidity.

Securing Against Theft

Although these steel containers are lockable that doesn’t stop creative thieves from attempting to gain access to goods inside.

Solution: Use the lock box that’s standard on our containers for your lock. That will prevent lock cutters from cutting a lock. You can also use an industrial cargo lock that will provide yet another layer of security. If these are both used, it makes it much more difficult to break in, but not impossible for determined expert thieves. Noisy power tools would have to be used to get past those, so if you can place your container in an area that can be heard or seen, that would be another deterrent from thieves.


Purchasing a shipping container for storage is a fantastic solution for many storage needs, but nothing in this world is perfect! You now have some solutions to some common hurdles of container ownership! If you’re interested in purchasing a container, please call us today or visit our site for a quote!