Commercial Containers and Their Uses

What are storage containers and office containers used for commercially?

Commercial storage containers

Many businesses need commercial storage containers for several key reasons. First and most frequently, storage containers are used to store surplus goods. Our storage containers are 100% water, wind, and weatherproof. Meaning you can feel confident that your valuable items are being stored safely in our shipping containers. These commercial shipping containers have traveled around the world on industrial shipping boats safely protecting materials for companies around the world, so you can trust your products will be safe too. We offer storage containers in 10, lengths, 20′ lengths, 40′ lengths, and 45′ lengths. You can also get high cubes which offer extra height.

Commercial office containers

Second, commercial storage containers can be used transformed into commercial office containers. The office containers are used by businesses all over and commonly on construction job sites. Job site trailers, mobile trailers, and office trailers are being replaced by a more economical and sustainable option of office containers. Container offices provide everything an office trailer would provide. From AC, man doors, window, power, phone, insulation, industrial flooring, to built-in desks, office containers have all the necessities. In addition to having the same qualities, they are actually built stronger with a steel shell that can hold up to any sort of extreme weather, like hurricanes or tornados. Additionally, our container offices sit directly on the ground, meaning no stairs to climb up and down when you’re going in and out. We offer office containers in 20′ lengths or 40′ lengths. Some office containers are singular and some are doubles, meaning there are two built-in desks.


Commercial office and storage container combination

Third, commercial shipping containers can be used for both office containers and storage containers. Why not combine the two most combined uses?! Here at ATR, we strive to meet our customers’ needs. That’s why we starting building office and storage combination containers. It’s the best of both worlds! In the office with storage duo, the office can be large or small with a dividing wall in between the office container and the storage container. We offer office plus storage containers in 20′ and 40′ lengths.

Interior of OC40 with Storage

Commercial shipping containers

Lastly, commercial shipping containers can be used for housing, pools, spare rooms, studios, playhouses, etc. While we don’t build these, we fully support those who do! We’ll be happy to ship you a commercial shipping container anywhere in Central Florida for you to transform!

We have commercial shipping containers for sale and commercial shipping containers for rent. Call us anytime for more information or to set up a delivery!