Extending the Life of Your Shipping Container with 3 Easy Maintenance Tips

How to Extend the Life of Your Shipping Container

Shipping containers are built to withstand the harsh environments of the sea. They are generally constructed of Corten steel with flooring made of marine-grade plywood to prevent rotting. However, all things that are exposed to harsh weather environments will over time start to show wear and tear and will require some up-keep. Below are some helpful tips to ensure that you maximize the life of your container. 

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How to Prevent Moisture & Mold in a Shipping Container

Because the container floor is made of plywood, moisture can be pulled up through it. Therefore it’s important that you do not have your shipping container sitting in standing water or on wet ground. Over time the moisture will be pulled up through the floor and can cause moisture build-up inside. This can lead to mold or in severe cases, it can cause your floor to weaken. There is a simple solution to avoid this. Have your shipping container sit off the ground on something like railroad ties or pressure-treated 6”x6” wood blocks.


How to Prevent Holes in a Shipping Container

Inspecting the roof of your shipping container is important so you can stop potential holes from forming. Deep dents can collect rainwater and over time as the water sits, it can cause corrosion. If the corrosion goes untreated, it will lead to a hole or leak. If you see rust forming, brush it and treat it immediately, and then prime and paint over it. You can also perform some easy preventative maintenance simply by keeping the roof of the container free of debris or goods stacked on top.

How to Keep Shipping Container Doors Working Properly

Shipping containers don’t have a lot of moveable parts other than the doors. Lubricating the door hinges, lock rods, handles, and hasps will allow them to move freely and properly to avoid issues when opening and closing them. It’s also essential to make sure your shipping container is level, so all of the door components line up with ease. If properly maintained, your shipping container should last you forever! For more tips and tricks, give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help!

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