How a Shipping Container is Loaded & Unloaded

Conex Delivery

Moving a shipping container is no easy feat! A standard 40 ft shipping container weighs almost 9,000 pounds and that’s without anything loaded inside of it. When you need to move a shipping container, using the right equipment and using all safety precautions is key. Trained professionals should handle the process of loading and unloading a shipping container.

The Basics of Loading a Shipping Container

In order to load an empty container, we first have to have the proper equipment to hold the shipping container. The trailer should be large enough to carry a 40’ shipping container that weighs 9,000 lbs and thus the tractor should be large enough to haul that combination. The driver should perform a daily DOT inspection on his vehicle to ensure everything is in proper working order. The trailer should be held to the same standards with inspections before and after each trip. The trailer should always be clear of any debris to allow the container to sit evenly on the trailer bed and also ensures nothing can fly off causing damage to other property or people.

Next, we can load the empty shipping container onto the trailer. This can be done with a heavy-duty forklift that can carry the load. Here at American Trailer Rentals, we utilize a container handler, which is a type of industrial forklift that has a mast attached to it to pick up containers from the top. Once the container is on the trailer, it needs to be strapped down to secure it. Typically, four straps are used on a 40’ shipping container.

Unloading a Shipping Container

After the container has reached its destination it’s ready to be unloaded. This can be done by using a forklift on site or simply by using a specialized trailer. American Trailer Rentals uses a tilt-bed trailer with a moving axle. The trained operator of a tilt bed trailer can angle the trailer downward allowing the container to slide off the back and onto the ground and into the final location for the container.

At American Trailer Rentals, we pride ourselves on professional drivers who take pride in their work and value the safety of everyone. To learn more about how we can safely deliver your container, please give us a call!