Shipping Container CSC Plate

In general, any shipping container that is used for international transport must have a valid safety approval or CSC Plate (Container Safety Convention). To the layman, this will not mean much, however, it does tell some of the detailed information about the specific container. You will typically find this small metal plate fastened on the outside of the container on the left (secondary) door.

What Is a Shipping Container CSC Plate?

CSC is an international agreement dating back to 1972. It set international standards in design-type approval and safety inspections so that containers operate globally under one set of safety regulations. The main goal was to maintain a high level of safety of human life in the transport and handling of containers.

On each CSC Plate, there is specific information that must be on there in either English or French. The words “CSC SAFETY APPROVAL” must be on there in all capital letters along with the country of approval and the approval reference. Also included on the plate is the date the container was manufactured, specifically the month and year, the container’s maximum gross weight, and usually the owner of the container and their contact information. You may also find the timber treatment information which is information about the flooring inside the container.

Why Are Shipping Container CSC Plates Important?

A CSC Plate is only issued if the shipping container is in structurally sound shape. This means there cannot be any holes or cracks in the roof or the walls, it must be watertight, the interior must be absolutely dry, and the doors must operate properly. Once a container design meets all CSC and International Standardization Organization (ISO) standards, it is assigned a CSC number. The plate indicates that the container has passed the specific tests and has met the minimum standards for capacity, weight, and resistance to shipping forces.

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