Video: Conex Box Yard, a 360 Degree View

Containers stacked

Did you know that ATR has locations in Tampa, Lakeland, and Orlando in FL? And tucked away inside our location is a large industrial yard where conex boxes are housed? Here’s a 360-degree view of just one area of our yard where the 40′ conex box can be found:

Shipping Container Sizes & Types

Though the video shows a quick look at our 40′ conex box options, there are many more containers and trailers that aren’t shown. ATR offers all kinds of types and sizes of conex boxes including:

10′ shipping container
20′ shipping container
20′ double door shipping container
40′ shipping container
40′ double door shipping container
40′ high cube shipping container
45′ shipping container

If you’re interested in seeing photos of each type of shipping container then check out the gallery page.

All of the specifications & information for each conex box can be found on the shipping container page and specifications post.

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