The Shipping Container Staff that Works for You

American Trailer Rentals is a local company that rents storage containers, rents office containers, and sells shipping containers to Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando, and all of Central FL.

But whose on the other end of the phone, at the keyboard, and behind the wheel?

Our five-star staff is what makes American Trailer Rentals run so smoothly! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service in order to set us apart from the other storage container and office container competition. Our customer service gals, Sara & Amber, help our customers get what they need done. Whether it’s renting a storage container, renting an office container, selling a storage container, selling an office container, or if they just have a question about our shipping container fleet – they’re always there to help! ATR doesn’t have an automated robot that answers the phone –  we have real people! And it’s the same people every day! Sara coordinates with our valued customers and our internal team to schedule shipping container deliveries, shipping container pickups, or shipping container moves on your site or off your site.

Our team of delivery drivers is punctual and friendly which makes ATR stand out from the other storage container companies. The storage container delivery drivers – Dave, Chris, and Wes – have developed relationships with many of our most frequent customers. The office container delivery drivers call and give our customers a heads up when they’re close, and when they arrive they work with the customer to place the office container wherever it’s desired. We stay in contact with our customers so we can make deliveries or pick up shipping containers on their schedule.

Another department at ATR is our warehouse team. Cary, Jack, and Johnny work every day to maintain our top of the line shipping container fleet. They build, repair, and prep storage containers and office containers so that they look and work perfectly. Without them, we wouldn’t have great products to deliver to our customers.