How Many Types of Shipping Containers are There?

In the shipping container world, there are various sizes and types of boxes that we will rent or sell. The criteria that differentiates these boxes are the length, height, history of use, and purpose.

Shipping Container Lengths

The length of a shipping container is the most important factor. Here at American Trailer Rentals (ATR), we rent storage containers or sell storage containers in lengths of 10′, 20′, 40′, and 45′ feet. These are the standard sizes that are manufactured. A ten-foot storage container can be used in tight sites or for small storage. A forty-five-foot storage container can be used as a two-car garage or even into a home.

Storage Container Heights

The height of a shipping container can either be standard or what is referred to as a “high cube.” The standard height of a storage container is 8′ tall. However, the height of a high cube is 9.5′ tall. Generally, storage containers have enough height for our stored goods. But if what if you wanted additional room for persons so they didn’t feel cramped? We use our high cubes at ATR for our office containers so our customers will feel more comfortable inside.

Shipping Container History

Shipping containers do not get built in America. Most of our storage containers come from abroad, from places like South Korea and China. This means that they will always have a previous history by the time they arrive in the United States. A storage container that has only made one trip from overseas is referred to as a “one tripper.” This would the newest container you could buy. The rest of the storage containers that make their way to America are going to be classified as used due to their previous shipping history.

Shipping Container Purposes: Office Containers, Storage Containers, and More

Shipping containers can be used for storage, office use, or refrigerated use. We rent storage containers and we rent office containers. We also sell storage containers and container offices. Check out all of our shipping container products for more information!