Shipping Containers: A Community Affair

Shipping Containers Around the Community

Look around and you’ll see shipping containers almost everywhere you go these days. They’re in retail parking lots, at private residences, schools, grocery stores, construction sites, and even at churches. Shipping containers have become a part of our community. Whether they are being used for storage containers, office containers, or being modified for housing, there’s no denying shipping containers are in demand.

Here at ATR, we also like to be in active in our local community. You will find our containers at retailers and jobsites around town, but also at special events like the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa or the Lakewood National Golf Club in Lakewood Ranch. ATR has also made donations of our own shipping containers to local schools and churches where they use the containers for storage of sporting equipment or miscellaneous excess storage. ATR also works with Habitat for Humanity, providing both storage trailers and storage containers to store construction materials.

Shipping Containers on Construction Sites

ATR provide storage containers and office containers to all kinds of construction jobsites. The jobsites need a place to work as well as a place to store expense materials and equipment safely, which is why they commonly use office containers with storage. All of our shipping containers are secured with lock boxes, so this provides project managers the added security knowing that their tools and supplies will be safe from theft. Shipping containers help our contractors get the job done!

20' beige office container at jobsite with AC, man door, and window

Shipping Container in Retail Applications

If you happen to drive by a local Walmart or Target during the holiday season in Central Florida, there’s a good chance you’ll see one or many of our storage containers on-site. We deliver months ahead of time prior to the holiday rush. Storage containers play a crucial part in the retail industry with assisting retailers with additional inventory. In fact, shipping containers play a crucial role in supplying retailers so that you can get all of your holiday presents each year!

many 20' containers lined up in a row on asphalt ground