Video: Container Handler Stacking Conex Box

Ever wonder how conex boxes get moved around and stacked so high? Now you can see how it’s done with this video of our foreman moving the shipping containers!

Container Forklift Stacking Storage Containers

Shipping Container Handler

The shipping container handler is one mammoth of a forklift. It’s able to lift our 20′ storage containers which weigh 5,200 pounds and our 40′ storage containers which weigh over 9,000 pounds! The way it works is the container handler’s mast has two pins. These pins drop into the corner posts of the containers. Once both pins are locked into the container, it can be lifted and moved around. Our shipping container handler has the ability to stack the containers as tall as 5 containers high. That’s over 40 feet in the air! Operating the container handler takes a lot of skill, especially when stacking containers that high. When you’re operating the container handler and stacking a box 4 or 5 high, you can’t actually see that high while sitting there. So a lot of the complex operations like that are done based on feel and experience. A common mistake that can be made while operating the shipping container handler is missing the corner posts. If you miss the corner post, you may ding the roof of the container. This happens frequently at the ports which is why retired boxes from the ports have more damage. It’s extremely important to know how to operate the shipping container handler with care so that the storage container doesn’t get damaged. If you’d like to see our container handler in action, feel free to stop by ATR’s yard anytime!

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