Video: Unloading a 10′ Storage Container

So how do you get a heavy steel box unloaded exactly where you want it? Watch a video of ATR’s professional drivers to see how!

Our skilled drivers use a trailer with a moving axle that can be tilted up. By moving the back wheels and tilting the trailer, the box can slide down onto the ground where ever you would like it. Then, the driver will pull the truck away, causing the container to sit flat on the ground. Our drivers make it look easy! But it’s important to follow a few rules when choosing a location where you would like your container delivered…

Space Needed for Delivery
Depending on the size of your container delivery, the truck will require varying lengths of space. For a 40′ storage container delivery, 100′ feet of space is required. For a 20′ storage container delivery, 60′ of space is required.

Surfaces Required for Delivery

Choosing a hard level surface to place the container is key. The truck, trailer, and container weigh over 40,000 pounds! So sand, mud, or soggy grass can cause the truck to sink.

Level ground is also crucial so that the container sits level and plumb. If the container does not sit level and plumb, the doors will not operate smoothly.

Pro Tips for Delivery
ATR recommends placing three to four 6″x6″ pressure treated wood blocks underneath the container. This allows the container to sit off the ground so less moisture will travel inside the container. Make sure the wood is pressure treated so it can last outside in the weather.

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