What’s a container CSC Plate and Why is It Important?


Picture this: before your shipping container embarks on its global odyssey, it needs its own ticket to ride – the illustrious CSC Plate, short for Container Safety Convention plate. It’s like the container’s official seal of approval, ensuring it’s primed and ready for its international debut.

What’s a CSC Plate for?

Getting into the nitty-gritty of CSC Plates, these badges of honor trace back to 1972 when the international community convened to establish a unified safety protocol for shipping containers. Think of it as a global safety manifesto, ensuring consistency and reliability across the seven seas.

What’s on it?

Unveiling a CSC Plate reveals a treasure trove of vital information – from the container’s manufacture date, to its weight capacity, and even the identity of its manufacturer or possible owner.

Are they a big deal?

 But why the fuss over these CSC? A CSC Plate signifies that a container has aced its safety exams. No leaks, no squeaks – just a sturdy, seaworthy vessel primed for duty. It’s the gold standard in container assurance, guaranteeing your cargo sails smoothly through the rigors of international transit.

Do they provide value?

When it comes to shipping containers, the CSC Plate isn’t just a piece of metal – it’s your ticket to peace of mind. So, whether you’re shipping goods across the ocean or storing valuables on land or jobsite, make sure your container comes with that all-important seal of approval. All of American Trailer Rentals’ containers are equipped with CSC plates.   

At American Trailer Rentals, we’re committed to our customers and the value of their container. Each of our containers proudly boasts its own CSC Plate, a testament to our unwavering dedication to safety and reliability. We are too legit to quit.

So, if you’re in the market for a container that’s as dependable as it is dashing, look no further. Contact us now!