Creative Uses for Shipping Containers

shipping container shelter

Shipping containers were initially constructed to transport goods all over the world. Gone are the days when they could only be seen on cargo vessels. Apart from the shipping industry itself, they are everywhere now! These steel boxes are now being utilized in all fashions. You wouldn’t think that a shipping container could amount to much by looking at it, but with some innovative minds and modifications, these boxes are transforming into so much more. Essentially, taking something that was designed for one purpose and modifying it to create something totally different and unique.

Popular Uses for Shipping Containers

Offices/Workshops – If you lack space at home or need a little privacy if you work from home, a shipping container can be the solution you are looking for.

Disaster Shelters – Living in Florida, we know that disasters, such as hurricanes are very real. Many people, during these catastrophic storms, may be displaced from their homes. A modified shipping container can serve as a temporary shelter.

Retail – By far, this is probably one of the trendiest uses of modified containers yet. Whether it be a pop-up coffee shop or cafe, shipping containers have proven to be a great option. If your business isn’t doing well in one location, you can easily relocate due to the ease of mobility with these boxes.

Schools – It’s common to hear about overcrowding in schools. To have more readily available space for students, teachers, and staff, a container can create a new learning environment. It can also provide additional space for study areas and other academic activities.

20 foot office container

Benefits of Shipping Containers and Their Versatility

The use of refurbished shipping containers for residential, commercial, and industrial space has grown at a tremendous rate. You can customize every aspect of the modification. Shipping containers are structurally sound and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

While ATR doesn’t customize containers, we can provide your “blank canvas.” We carry shipping containers in a range of sizes includes 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, and 45 foot. We also have high cube options and double door options available.

Please reach out to us today to start your next container project!