Insulating a Storage Container

Storage containers are a great investment to help protect your inventory, equipment or other valuables from thieves and most of the elements. However, you may need to insulate your storage container if you’re concerned about extreme heat causing damage to your items.

A big metal box… it’s going to get HOT!

The strong steel walls of a storage container can get extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter, depending on where you’re located. If you’re using a storage container as a workspace, you’ll need to insulate your container for safety purposes. The same goes for storing electronics or items that melt in extreme heat. Insulation is the way to go! 

R-Value and Shipping Containers:

What is R-Value? It’s a formula used to measure the capacity of an insulating material to heat flow. “R” Stands for “Resistance to Heat Flow” The higher the R-Value in your insulation material the cooler your storage container will be. Here at American Trailer Rentals, we rent out office containers which are storage containers converted into workspaces. We use a fiberglass insulation which has an R-Value of 13. After going into an office container that had been sitting under the Florida sun for hours, we’re happy to say the insulation does a fantastic job at keeping the container cool.

Types of insulation for Storage Containers:

If you’re wondering what type of insulation to install in your storage container, the best way to conclude is to ask your self these questions; “Do I want to do any framing?” and “What am I willing to spend?” Fiberglass batted insulation is cost-effective and provides a high R-Value but requires framing. Spray-foam doesn’t require framing, provides a high R-Value, but can require special equipment which costs money. 

If more than just “insulated” is what you need, all our office containers come with central air conditioning! Contact us for more info!