Tips for Organizing a Storage Container

Grey storage container - 10 foot

Running out of space? Need to expand your storage options without moving? Invest in a storage container!

Storage containers are AMAZING for storing/protecting items from weather, theft, and they can help keep your beautiful home or office clutter-free. No more storing your Christmas ornaments in linen closets and under the beds!

Have a Storage Container but Need Help Organizing?

Start with a plan. You don’t want to load your annual spring camping trip gear, ALL the way in the back of the container, buried under Christmas items. You’ll definitely want some rhyme & reason to your organization. Invest in some shelving systems to line the walls of your container leaving a clear pathway down the center for easy access to your things.

What’s the best way to pack a storage container?

Choose an organization strategy based on your personal preference and needs throughout the year. You may want to store your often used garden equipment and tools in the front of the unit while your more seasonal items can be stored in the back of the unit. Any heavy, bulky or oblong items should be stored at the front of the unit as well. This way, you’re not taking out Dad’s golf clubs with Fido’s dog kennel. 

Other important things to consider:

Before storing things away for the year, ask yourself if your goods can survive extreme cold or heat and if insulating would be beneficial. Check out our most recent blog post about insulating a storage container. You also need make sure your container is on level, solid ground that is high and dry. This will ensure no settling can prevent the storage container’s doors from opening.


At American Trailer Rentals, we pride ourselves on top-notch customer service and offering quality products. American Trailer Rentals may be continuing storage container sales in 2022! Contact us for more info!