New vs Used Shipping Containers

New SC20

New Shipping Containers

What are “like new” shipping containers aka one-trippers? A one tripper container is typically less than a year old and has only been used once since being shipped from overseas, usually from China. These containers are likely to cost more because they’ve only been used once and are the best quality units on the market. This also means that the container will be more aesthetically appealing with fresh paint inside and out and a clean exterior and interior. If the contents of your container are extra sensitive like home furnishings or the appearance of the container is ultra-important, then a one tripper would be more ideal for your storage needs. Here at American Trailer Rentals, we always have one trippers available for rental or to purchase.

Used Shipping Containers 

A used shipping container would be more ideal for someone who may not be as concerned about the exterior appearance and is looking for a more cost-effective option. Used shipping containers will likely have minor dents and dings, and weathering due to previous use, but they are still structurally sound, wind and watertight. Although not as appealing as a one tripper, you can rest assured these containers are just as durable and will suit any of your storage needs. American Trailer Rentals offers a wide range of sizes, including 10’, 20’, 40’, and 45’ shipping containers. They also come in a variety of colors to choose from.

Your Choice, Our Service 

Not sure if you would prefer a used shipping container or a new one tripper shipping container? Feel free to come by our yard and take a look at both! We always have new & used shipping containers in stock and are happy to show our customers around. You can handpick your own container or let us pick the best one in the batch for you.