Shipping Containers Seasonal Uses

Shipping Containers in Retail Applications

Seasonal holiday inventory can be a nightmare for small and large retailers. This is where portable storage containers can play a crucial part in assisting these retailers with additional layaway inventory during especially busy times like Black Friday & Christmas. Here at ATR, we assist some of our big-box retail clients like Walmart & Target by delivering their shipping containers months before the holiday rush. This helps us keep our schedule available for our other clients, and also helps us have availability for any last-minute requests for extra Christmas conex boxes. Without our shipping containers, merchandise would run low and shelves would be empty, so we like to think we’re doing our part to help bring everyone a little Christmas cheer!

Shipping Containers in Agriculture

Here in Florida, we have our fair share of hardworking farmers! The crops that they grow define their busy time of year. For example, January is a popular time for strawberry farmers to reach out to us for shipping containers. However, many farmers choose to store farming equipment in the shipping containers all year round too. However long you need it, a storage container is a cost-effective way to alleviate the financial burden with affordable rental options. Our storage containers are wind and watertight, stable, and secure.

Shipping Containers on Construction Jobsites

Many construction job sites utilize ATR’s shipping containers for heavy equipment, materials, and tools. The convenience of having all your necessary supplies and materials stored on-site and readily accessible is a time saver for construction projects as well as being cost-effective. Because our units are secured with lockboxes, project managers and superintendents have the comfort of knowing that their tools and supplies, which can be quite expensive, will be safe from theft too.

No matter what your industry or busy season, here at ATR we will always be happy to deliver a shipping container or office container to you!