Quality Checks on Our Shipping Containers

As a small, local business, we take great pride in our shipping container company. That pride is reflected in the quality of our shipping containers, office containers, and storage trailers. That’s why before any conex box or trailer leaves our  yard, we always perform a quality control review.

Quality Control Checks on Shipping Containers

We want our shipping containers to be reliable, functional, and exactly what the customer wants. That’s why we verify each and every conex box does exactly that. Our lead foreman Cary has been with American Trailer Rentals for over thirty years! He’s extremely familiar with the ins and outs of shipping containers and built our entire fleet of container offices. Each time a shipping container rental or shipping container purchase is placed, Cary inspects every nook and cranny of the conex box. If there are any holes or any places that may develop a hole in the near future, then that area is welded shut. The doors are also carefully reviewed to make sure every component works in unison properly. Sometimes when containers are being used in the ports, they can get dinged up or bent. Our foreman will straighten these bends so that the door works right. The rubber door gaskets hold up very well over time, but sometimes these need to be replaced too. The locking rods, handles, and hasps also can get out of alignment over time. Our foreman fixes all of these parts so that the door shuts correctly. The floors of every shipping container also get checked to make sure there aren’t any holes or soft spots. If so, the flooring is replaced. The exterior of the conex box also gets reviewed. If there is significant rust then the box is scrubbed, rust-killed, primed, and painted.

Those are just a few of the items we review every time we fulfill a conex box rental or conex box sale order. The bottom line is we want our customers to be happy with the product we give them!