Keeping Your Shipping Containers Secure

Shipping Containers are an excellent place to hold our goods, but how can we make sure they’re safe and secure inside?

Shipping Container Lock Box

One way to keep the goods inside of a shipping container safely locked up is to attach a lock box. A lock box is bolted or welded onto the shipping container and provides a metal box cover over your pad lock location. This prevents thieves from being able to cut a lock off since the metal cover blocks any tools from access to cut a lock. These lock boxes come standard on nearly all of our shipping containers for rent. If you would like to purchase a shipping container, we can add a lockbox for you.

Shipping Container Enforcer Locks

Another option to keep your shipping container secure is to purchase an enforcer lock. We have these enforcer locks custom cut to fit our containers. These locks also cannot be cut with any type of wire cutters since they are such a large piece of rectangular-shaped metal. Most power tools also cannot cut through these locks. Another plus is that these locks are portable and easy to install. It is secured around the locking rods for a tight fit. The padlock within uses an internal tumble system keyed to open one of 360 million combinations. These do not come standard with our containers but can be purchased and added to any rental or sale box.

Master Locks for Shipping Containers

Another way to lock your shipping container is to use the trusty Master Lock. We use the biggest, toughest master locks that they make for our customers. They keep your container locked up but unfortunately can be cut if not safely housed inside of a lockbox. These also do not come standard but we offer them for purchase for your shipping container rental or sale.