Custom Painted Shipping Containers

Our shipping containers are available in many sizes, but did you know they are also available in many colors?

Shipping Container Standard Review

Our in house crew ALWAYS reviews each shipping container before we rent or sell to a customer. Our lead foreman who has been with us for over 30 years knows exactly what to look for to make sure each shipping container is in proper working order. He verifies that the conex box is completely watertight and there are no holes. He checks that the door seals are sealing properly, the door locks are straight, and the lock handles lock correctly. That’s just a few of the standard checklist items that on-site crew performs.

Painting Shipping Containers

If you want your shipping container to have a different look, our team will paint it any custom color you would like! We work closely with our local commercial Sherwin Williams store (shout out to Mike & Kathy!) to order paint for our standard colors of shipping container and our customer-chosen custom colors. We use DTM paint which is made for industrial uses like this. DTM is completely acrylic, water reducible, and corrosion-resistant. We’ve recently completed a bright aqua blue container for a local non-profit company called Burnt Oranges which turned out very fun! We recommend painting new containers that do not have any rust for best results.

Standard Colors of Shipping Containers

We paint our standard fleet of shipping containers in a beautiful beige color. This color is subtle and bright. So if you’re storing your shipping container in a visible place, it is pleasant to the eye but does not attract too much attention. This color is also lighter and so it keeps our containers cool inside. We also have blue, red, and grey colors available.