So What’s Inside an Office Container?

Office Container – Full Office

A full office container can come in an 20 foot or 40 foot length. They are usually high cubes so they are 9’6″ tall. These offices contain insulation, sheetrocked walls, sheetrocked ceilings, and industrial vinyl floors. They have built-in desks, plan tables, central AC units, lights, and receptacles for power. Container offices are also equipped with several windows and man doors. The quantity of the doors and windows depends on the length of the container.

Office Container – Double Office

A double office container comes in 40 foot lengths only. They are also high cubes so that the people inside don’t feel claustrophobic. The double container office comes with all the full off amenities – drywall walls and ceiling, insulation, industrial vinyl floors, AC, electrical, lights, windows and doors, PLUS an extra office. There is a dividing wall in between each office so that there are two separate office spaces. There is a door connecting the two offices as well.

Office Container – Office plus Storage

Here at ATR, we have office containers that also have storage areas. This is super handy for the job site when you need to store tools and materials but also need a cool air-conditioned place to work. These offices with storage containers come in different sizes – 20′ and 40′. They have all the features of a full office, just shrunk down to make room for the storage space.

Office Containers – Breakrooms

When you have a large job site and need a place for everyone to cool off and each lunch without having desks or walls in the way, then the container office with a breakroom is the best choice. This maximizes the space for many people to enter.

Office trailers are a great solution for your job site, mobile office, or breakroom. Check out some of our office containers here. We would be happy to serve you today!