How to Prep Your Site for a Shipping Container

Prepping the area where your shipping container will be placed is crucial in order to deliver your container and use it with ease.

Enough Space
First, you will want to make sure that there is plenty of space for the truck. For a 40’ storage container, the driver will need at least 100’ of space. For a 20’ container, the driver will need at least 60’ of space. You will also want to keep in mind the height of the truck and unit and make sure that anything overhead, such as power lines, are not in the way. The trucks are 13’ tall and can rise up to 16’ tall when unloading. There should be enough open area for the trucks to be able to turn around for wide turns and get lined up with where you want the containers to be placed.

Level Ground
The second most important thing is to have level ground. You will want to have the unit placed on a flat, even surface that can withstand the weight of the truck and the container. The ground should not be soft or muddy as the truck could sink in and get stuck. These trucks are very heavy, so if your site is questionable, talk to ATR before delivery. Level ground also ensures that the container doors will not be twisted. If the doors are not level and plumb, they can be very difficult to open.

Keeping the Container Off the Ground
Keeping the container off the ground can be done by using railroad ties or pressure-treated 6”x6”s under the containers. ATR recommends two 6”x6” that are 9’ long under a 20’ container. For a 40′ container, use three or four 6″x6″s. This will make the doors easier to open. It will also help to keep any moisture from getting soaked up from the ground into the wood flooring. If your container is on concrete, you can use small wood blocks at the corners for the doors to aid with the doors opening and closing.