Woah! Don’t store that in there! – What not to store in a Storage Container

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The main purpose of our storage containers is to supply safe and effective storage for materials. However, not all household or commercial products are recommended to be stored in these units. Since a storage container isn’t climate controlled, valuable, perishable and flammable items are susceptible to severe temperature changes. The containers can exceed 135 degrees Fahrenheit! This could result in expensive items getting ruined. Storage containers are extremely affordable and convenient, but there are definitely items that should NOT be kept inside a container due to dangerous and pricey repercussions.

Valuables, Documents and Money

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For obvious reasons, you’ll want to store things like money, important documents and valuables or irreplaceable items in a safe in your home. Not only will the heat of a storage container damage some of these, but the containers can also condensate in extreme weather changes. So, during Florida winters when it’s cold in the morning and hot by noon, the walls of your container can moisten and can get your valuables wet! Moreover, if you’re storing valuables in your container, it’ll put your container at risk of burglary.


Never store any food items, including animal feed, in a storage container. Storing food in containers can lead to mold growth and rodent/pest infestations. We also do not recommend storing canned foods in containers due to the temperature changes.

Cleaning Solutions or Other Possibly Flammable Chemicals

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Storing flammable chemicals in storage container is a recipe for potential disaster. With temperatures that can exceed 135 degrees Fahrenheit, storing gasoline or propane tanks inside are a big no-no. Yes, a fire may be contained in the steel box but the floors and everything else stored with it will be destroyed. This can be extremely pricey. Many cleaning or pool solutions can release noxious gases at high heats, making the container unsafe to be inside. Best to just keep your chemicals stored elsewhere!


This has a similar warning as the food and chemical storage. Some fertilizers can bring on mold or pest infestations and, at high heats, release gasses unsafe for human lungs. It can also become combustible at high temperatures! You Definitely don’t want an explosion to happen in your storage container!

Furniture40' Storage Container InteriorWhether it’s upholstered, leather, or wood, keeping furniture in a storage container can lead to disaster. The leather and wood will not be able to stand extreme heat or humidity. For other furniture pieces, the heat from storing inside our storage containers can lead to warping.

Electronic Devices

With the humidity of possible condensation and the extreme heat, it’s not a good idea to store expensive lighting, sound equipment or computer equipment in our storage containers. Your electronics will not survive. The heat will melt plastics and the condensation will ruin the inner mechanisms of your equipment. Even keyboards can be ruined! Trust us, it’s not a good idea!

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In conclusion, we know a lot of these are pretty obvious and self-explanatory but we’re here to save you the questions on your future order! If you have any questions, regarding an item that you’re thinking of storing inside our storage containers, PLEASE do not hesitate to call us!

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